Strategy and Implementation

Our strategic planning provides a roadmap for our business to move forward toward the achievement of our goals, objectives, mission and vision. The greatest challenge of our strategic planning is the actual execution of our plan. Measures of plan success, ultimately, reflect accomplishment of the goals and objectives identified in the plan.

Products and Services

Our product, Cyber Hydrotronic Technology (CHT) that includes hardware and software components, is a smart monitoring water consumption device for animal industry that provides necessary data for fast reaction to irregular water consumption that is a valuable sign of health status.
Applying the CHT on animal husbandry farms should be able to reduce wasting time, human errors and raise productivity and health of animals.
Our services consist of a website that generates essential data which is linked to an existing hardware. Data assessing by team members who are expert and specialist in animal breeding and diseases diagnosis.

Technology Service

Our technology services apply some devices for monitoring the water quality and quantity remotely, which are useful in assessing the animal's health level.


Using ultrasonic sensors on pipelines for transmission the data of water consumption to the software by LoRaWan network


Intelligent software for monitoring of water consumption and predicting the possible issues of animal health

IoT in Farms

In areas with lack of telecommunication systems, our product uses LoRaWAN Network that is the best way to send the data for farm managers.

What our customers need?

  • Intelligent farm management monitoring system.
  • The lowest probability of human error.
  • Increase animal health status and productivity.

Our strategy to success is using data mining. Our company can develop more effective marketing strategies, reduce customer costs, and increase health and productivity by using Artificial Intelligence. We provide promotion in our services at the first couple of years and then it will repeat seasonally for customer attraction.