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About Us

Torus Ecovet Inc is a merchandize and service Company.

Smart farming is an emerging concept that refers to managing farms using technologies to increase the quality and quantity of products. Our innovative product will have a special demand in the market through the ability of measuring the level of animal health and enhancing the quality and quantity of animal productivity by adoption of our hydrotronic system. An idea may have occurred to people in the not-so-distant past, but today accurate measuring devices, convenient and reliable transmission of information, upgraded applications, and fast microprocessors have helped us to fulfill our desires.

Our Services

Provider of optimal and cost-effective solutions for livestock and poultry producers.

Technology Service

Our technology services apply some devices for monitoring the water quality and quantity remotely, which are useful in assessing the animal's health level.


Using ultrasonic sensors on pipelines for transmission the data of water consumption to the software by LoRaWan network


Intelligent software for monitoring of water consumption and predicting the possible issues of animal health

IoT in Farms

In areas with lack of telecommunication systems, our product uses LoRaWAN Network that is the best way to send the data for farm managers.

Intelligent Solution

Smart farming is a revolutionary system for your farm.
This smart system keeps your farm in top condition.


In a horse care center, applying our service system can provide timely and accurate information about the health conditions of the animal to its owner as well as the owner of the center.


In poultry industry, using our system increases different products of different poultry and also assesses the management problems in the farms, and identifies the early stage of diseases.


In a livestock farm, our device can increase the production and health level of the animal


Due to the close contact between a pet and its owner, a continuous evaluation system of the animal's health is precious

The Use Innovative software in your business

The Use Innovative software in your business