About Us

Smart farming is an emerging concept that refers to managing farms using technologies to increase the quality and quantity of products. Our innovative product will have a special demand in the market through the ability of measuring the level of animal health and enhancing the quality and quantity of animal productivity by adoption of our hydrotronic system. An idea may have occurred to people in the not-so-distant past, but today accurate measuring devices, convenient and reliable transmission of information, upgraded applications, and fast microprocessors have helped us to fulfill our desires. Due to the huge losses, seen in livestock /poultry farms and horse care centers derived from the lack of effective monitoring of water consumption, an idea came to our minds, to design a mechanism to monitor water consumption fluctuations, based on analyzing the data, so that our idea will produce warnings to prevent losses and diseases.

Torus Ecovet System

Our Target

  • Horse care centers
  • Poultry Farms
  • Livestock farms
  • Pet Animals

Our Team

Hamid Moayyedian

He is a veterinarian (Ph.D. degree) specializing in poultry hygiene and diseases, and He has been active in the poultry industry for about 22 years.

Hossein Nouri Fard
CTO in Livestock Farming

He has an associate degree in livestock farming and have worked in some livestock farms, poultry farms and horse care centres for more than 5 years.

Mohammad NooriFard

He has been working in the livestock industry since 1997. He is founder of Michka Laying Hen Farm with 73000 capacity in Khorasan Province. 

Navin Khosravian

She is the IT manager in general department of forensic medicine of khorasan razavi. She has devised the most appropriate solutions to solve problems .

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